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31 July 2018

Canada’s economy rose by 2.6% in a year, in spite of the weak housing market

In May, the national economy expanded by 0.5%, which is about twice higher than the previous forecasts. Partially, this success was caused by a recovering oil and gas sector.

As a result, Canada’s gross domestic product rose by 2.6% in a year, supported by strong increases in mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction, Statistics Canada says.

According to the report, the oil and gas sector has shown gains for four consecutive months already, marking a 6.4% annual increase.

30 July 2018

Condos are still extremely popular in the GTA

Condos still stay at the top of the GTA new homes market, despite growing prices. Meanwhile, the cost of single-family houses cools down.

According to Altus Group, there were 2,500 new homes sold last month and 2,079 of them were condo apartments, townhouses and loft units.

The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) says the sales fell by 61% from June 2017, when the market showed record-high 5,290 new condo sales. Nevertheless, June 2018 sales were still only 17% lower than the 10-year average.

The benchmark cost of a new GTA condo rose by 23.5% annually to $774,554.

27 July 2018

The influence of a new mortgage stress test has been determined

The latest mortgage rule changes have led to a supply and demand imbalance almost all over Canada. As a result, we may see the number of new jobs dropping by 200,000 during the next 3 years, says a new report by Mortgage Professionals Canada.

According to the release, the combined effect of higher rates, new lending rules in Ontario and British Columbia, a 2% or larger stress test, and further lending restrictions is restraining the real estate market activity not only in Vancouver and Toronto, but across the entire country”, - noted Paul Taylor, President and CEO of Mortgage Professionals Canada.

The report’s author Will Dunning says in addition to the new mortgage rules reducing market activity, Canadian consumers today feel less optimistic about the housing market prospects.

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