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25 August 2017

CIBC doesn’t expect any hard landing for the Canadian real estate market

Yesterday, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) said it was ready for increasing its share at the mortgage market. The bank doesn’t worry about a possible prices decline in the real estate sector, unlike its competitors who are reducing their mortgage volumes.

According to CIBC, its total mortgage sum went up by 13% in a year and reached $197 billion at the end of June. The bank uses this gain for selling certain other products.

“We are very glad that our mortgage volumes are rising. We’re growing faster than the market and we believe this trend will go on,” – Chief Financial Officer Kevin Glass noted in a recent interview after the bank reported better than predicted performance in the third quarter of 2017.

24 August 2017

Taxes take 42.5% of Canadians’ income

It turns out Canadians pay as much as 42.5% of their income on taxes, says the latest report by the Fraser Institute.

In 2016, an average Canadian family with an income of almost $83,000 paid about $35,000 in taxes. This sum includes federal, provincial and local taxes, e.g. income, wage, property and sales taxes.

In the same time, the basic products took only 37% of their income, as Canadians spend on average $31,000 for housing (rent or mortgage), food and clothing.

“It’s interesting that many consumers believe housing takes the largest part of their income, but actually the average Canadian household spent more on taxes in 2016 than on life’s basic products,” - noted Charles Lammam from the Fraser Institute.

23 August 2017

Too high debt levels in Canada may increase the pressure on credit cards

The recent report by Moody's suggests that record high household debt levels in Canada will become a strong hit for borrowers with credit cards in case we face another economic slowdown in the nearest future.

The rating agency is going to watch Alberta and Saskatchewan closely for signs of rising consumer debt delinquencies.

Those provinces reported a doubling of unemployment claims in the second half of the last year, pushed by a long downturn in the oil sector, which followed a global oil prices decline in 2014.

"This region could become an area of strain in Canada,'' – noted Jason Mercer, an assistant vice-president at Moody's.

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