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23 July 2018

Most older Canadians prefer staying in their existing homes during retirement

A new survey by IPSOS shows that 93% Canadians aged 65+ want to stay in their current homes during retirement.

As a result, we can see inquiries about no payment mortgages doubling from 2016 to 2017. It’s important to understand that this mortgage product is not the last hope, it’s a great option for older Canadians to retire with comfort, while saving their homes.

According to the poll, 69% of the same age group name keeping independence as the main reason why they wish to live in their home during retirement. Older Canadians start realizing all the advantages of staying in their homes longer, as the sense of community, independence and the usual comforts are extremely important for them.

20 July 2018

Inflation reaches the highest rate in 6 years. How will the central bank react?

According to the new report by Statistics Canada, the cost of living in the country showed the fastest growth since 2012, pushed up by almost a 25% annual increase in gas prices.

Last month, the consumer price index went up by 0.3% from May and reached 2.5%.

Gas prices increase was one of the main reasons for such a hike, with pump prices growing by 24.6% in a year. However, it’s not only about the gasoline. The report says overall energy costs were a strong driver showing an annual gain by 12.4%.

19 July 2018

CMHC acts in support of self-employed borrowers

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. is introducing certain changes in order to make it easier for the self-employed to get a mortgage.

CMHC provides lenders with more thorough guidance and flexibility for helping the self-employed borrowers.

As you know, this category of borrowers faces more difficulties with qualifying for a mortgage as their income is less stable and may vary from time to time.

CMHC offers the number of factors which can be used for supporting the lender's decision to give a loan to those who have been operating their business for less than 2 years or have been working in the same line of work for less than this period.

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