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27 April 2017

CMHC points to problematic conditions at Canada’s real estate market

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) released its new report saying Canada’s real estate market still has certain problematic conditions, although some markets do show improvements.

CMHC reduced its overvaluation assessment from “strong” to “moderate” in case of six cities, compared to eight mentioned in January.

According to the Corp., problematic conditions mean there are imbalances in the housing market with the current numbers sharply departing from historical averages.

In the same time, the national real estate market is still split into several markets with Toronto facing sharp prices growth and overheating.

26 April 2017

Can vacant lands increase the housing market supply?

Find a vacant land and start construction on it. Can you believe it could be so simple? And you won't need a massive government plan for fixing the mess it contributed to.

According to economist and professor Frank Clayton, in order to cool down the sharp home prices increase, we need only to raise the number of new constructions. He and professor David Amborski (director of Ryerson’s Centre for Urban Research and Land Development) just published their new report, saying the GTA’s growing real estate prices are caused mostly by a government-induced lack of serviced lands. They blame the provincial government and municipalities for not responding correctly to the predicted market demand.

25 April 2017

New measures in Ontario could make homebuyers take a pause

The new provincial measures aimed at cooling the hot real estate market of Toronto region could make homebuyers take a pause at last and understand how the new regulations may influence their financial situation.

According to the recent Re/Max Spring Market Trends Report, it’s quite difficult to forecast how the new 15% tax for foreign buyers, introduced by Premier Kathleen Wynne, will affect the market.

Although the same tax did cool down the Vancouver market, Toronto is a larger city. Moreover, despite the lack of full data, the issue of excessive foreign investments isn’t so strong in the area.

Re/Max says the new Ontario measures, which concern the Greater Golden Horseshoe, will influence not only wealthy market members, but the middle class as well.

"It's a significant shock to the whole market," - noted Pamela Alexander, CEO of Re/Max Integra Ontario-Atlantic Canada.

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