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20 October 2017

September 2017 – inflation in Canada reaches 1.6% due to higher gasoline prices

According to Statistics Canada, the annual inflation rate went up last month from 1.4$ to 1.6%, pushed by higher transportation and shelter costs.

In the same time, the prices for clothes, shoes and furniture went down from a year ago.

The agency says transportation costs were up by 3.8% during the previous 12 months, supported by gasoline prices, which rose by more than 14%.

19 October 2017

Should Canada expect another rate increase?

Recently, the central bank released its new Business Outlook Survey, showing that businesses feel quite optimistic about Canada’s economic outlook. Is it a sign that we should wait for another rate increase?

The poll cites opinions from Canadian senior business managers and the general outlook is positive with some of them predicting sales gains and plans to increase investment and hiring volumes.

Although this survey is only one of the documents the Bank of Canada will use for determining its rate decision for the next meeting on October 25, it’s also one of the last reports it will review before it.

18 October 2017

Specialists believe the new mortgage rules will have a negative influence on the housing market

It looks like the market conditions for Canadian homebuyers are getting stricter and stricter.

The latest hit came from the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), which is introducing a new mortgage qualification stress test.

Starting next year, January 1, all uninsured mortgage borrowers will have to qualify at either the central bank’s five-year benchmark rate (now at 4.89%), or at their contract rate plus 2%.

CIBC Senior Economist Benjamin Tal believes the change is bad news for both potential buyers and the entire housing market.

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