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16 June 2017

Good news from Home Capital

Home Trust is not out of the woods yet, but we are very glad to hear some positive news from our long time lender partner!

As you now, this year, the lender Home Capital Group was at the edge of a serious financial catastrophe. And now it seems to be solving at least part of its problems, weakening worries about the possibility to cause a broad housing market decline and a significant threat to Canada’s financial system.

On Thursday, the company's stock showed an increase, following an official announcement that it reached settlements in two cases, which could have been obstacles on its way to recovery.

According to ratings agency DBRS, the agreements would cost Home Capital $30.5 million and give hope to return the necessary market confidence.

"The settlements will solve the issue of market uncertainty concerning improper disclosures," - DBRS noted.

15 June 2017

Housing sales in Canada show the largest drop in almost five years

In May, real estate sales in Canada showed a strong decline, caused mostly by a sharp drop in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) after the Ontario government introduced a new tax for foreign homebuyers in attempt to cool the hot market.

The number of residential properties sold in May across the country was down by 6.2% from April. It’s the largest decrease in almost five years, says the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). According to the organization, representing realtors, brokers and sellers in Canada, sales fell by as much as 25.3% in the GTA.

Such results prove that although housing is local, the influence of changes in such a large city can affect the entire country.

14 June 2017

US raises interest rates

On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Reserve decided to raise its short-term interest rate, marking the third rate hike since December.

This increase of the target range for the overnight federal funds rate by 0.25% to 1%-1.25% wasn’t a surprise for the markets.

In her official statement, Fed chair Janet Yellen said that after a weak first quarter, the national economy started recovering. Moreover, the bank sees improvements in household spending, business investment and exports growth.

When it comes to the labour market, the Fed says that U.S. job gains were still solid, and the inflation remains under the long-term target of 2%.

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