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21 may 2010

Greek debt problems reminds Canada of Asian crisis
Canada's economy may be stable now, but economists say, it may change because of a credit crisis in Europe.
In the first three months of this year the economy advanced about 5.5%, in the previous quarter – 5%.  
But it didn’t impress the markets very much. Investors are looking at the risky future, thinking about Greece and other European problems.
The situation reminded economists of the Asian financial crisis of 12 years ago. In the end, it influenced Canada as well: commodity prices fell and the loonie reached the 62-cent US level.

20 may 2010

Big Banks’ posted five-year mortgage rate decrease
Canada's largest bank is lowering the five-year mortgage rate. It’s the second time in May.
The posted rate for five-year mortgages is going to be reduced to 5.99%, says RBC.
At the beginning of May the rate was 6.25%, but it was lowered later by 15bp.

19 may 2010

Hybrid Mortgages are getting more popular
Usually, investors try not to concentrate on one financial object, but this tendency wasn’t very popular among mortgagors.
According to CAAMP, now almost 94% of people choose fixed or variable rates. Very few choose a combination of both. But this situation may change in case yesterday’s RBC/Ipsos Reid poll is right.

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