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20 August 2010

Real estate purchase for your student kid
Buying a property for your college kid can be a smart investment. Today many parents consider it to be a wise decision to cope with the costs of a college education.
What are the main reasons for that?

19 August 2010

Mortgage Brokers – The Shrinking Industry
According to CAAMP, there are about 18,000 - 20,000 people with mortgage agent and/or mortgage broker licenses in Canada. Just in Ontario there are approximately 10,000, in BC and Alberta - 6,000, in Quebec - 1,000.
But still it’s not so easy to say how many of them are really active – about 10,000 - 12,000, actually.  
Nevertheless, it’s more interesting to know how this population will change in the nearest future.

18 August 2010

Make a Smart Choice: You Can Get 3 Year Fixed Rate at 2.90% or Variable at P-0.8% from Us
Lately many lenders started offering mortgage products or rates that have become really popular. Usually, as a result, rates go down by 10-15 bps (0.10 - 015%) and your local charter bank is just thinking whether they should do it…
We faced great changes during the past week – a three year fixed rate is now at 2.90% (a non-chartered bank mortgage lender). The lowest market rate before it was 3.44%! What’s happening?

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24 June 2019

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21 June 2019

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20 June 2019

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