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24 April 2017

Stephen Poloz speaks on Canada’s real estate market

The central bank’s Governor Stephen Poloz says he’s satisfied with the package of new measures, presented by the Ontario government on cooling Toronto’s real estate market. He expects them to cause certain influence. Here are some of his comments from the latest meeting with the reporters in Washington.

“I’m glad there are such measures. We’ve been pointing to the risks for some time already, and a few weeks ago we made it clear that interest rates can’t be used for solving this issue as they influence everyone instead of working locally”.

21 April 2017

March 2017 – Lower food prices offset gas cost increase

The latest report by Statistics Canada says the annual inflation rate slowed down last month, as the on-going food prices decline offset the increase in gasoline sector.

Such results support the central bank’s opinion that Canada’s economy is on the long way to grow for reaching the full capacity even despite several months of improvements.

The Statistics Canada's consumer price index was 1.6% in March, following the ideal for central bank 2%, reported in February.

20 April 2017

Ontario announced new measures on cooling the hot real estate market

Amid concerns about many Ontario citizens being pushed out of the market by sharply growing home and rent costs, Ontario Kathleen Wynne announced a package of new measures, aimed at cooling the red-hot markets, which in her opinion have become a serious problem.

According to Wynne, the 16 measures (which will be redirected to legislation branch for discussion) will cool down the real estate prices, which are outpacing the citizens’ incomes today.

The measures include:

  • A new 15% tax for foreign home buyers in Toronto and the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Wynne says the tax will not affect new immigrants who are planning to live here – the tax will apply to speculators who are not going to settle in Ontario. The tax will apply to transfers of land that include from one to six single-family residences, including semi-detached houses, townhouses and condominiums. It will not affect transfers of other land types, including multi-residential rental buildings, agricultural land or commercial/industrial land.
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