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14 November 2017

Toronto and Vancouver real estate markets will show strong activity despite the new rules

According to Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist of CIBC World Markets, the real estate markets of Vancouver and Toronto will show a long-term prices increase.

He came to this conclusion while considering the chances for a short term flattening or decline in home prices.

“In case you think property in those cities is unaffordable now, keep that thought for a while,” – Tal noted.

13 November 2017

New mortgage approval rules – how will they affect you?

Of course, you’ve already heard the term “B-20 Guideline” multiple times. Moreover, you’ve been probably even influenced by it, if you tried to understand the details of a mortgage approval process under the new rules.

For some time, the B-20 rules were partially softened by alternative lenders, represented by brokers offering you mortgage products on a sliding scale of approval. In case you don’t meet the requirements from the primary lenders (banks), you may choose the alternative way. Yes, the prices and interest rates are higher, as the product is more risky. In the same time, those rates have been varying from 3.80-4.50% to 10-12% (private mortgages).

It should be noted that such rates haven’t actually increased so much in relation to the current mortgage rates for this category of borrowers.

10 November 2017

The demand for homes in the GTA will remain strong

The latest study by a commercial real estate services firm Avison Young shows that the recent actions by Ontario government aimed at improving its transit systems will support the significant increase of investments into the Greater Toronto Area.

The GTA is expected to face the largest population growth in the country during the next 25 years (42.3%), and it will take great advantage of the provincial infrastructure investment of more than $160 billion for 12 years. As much as 51% of this sum will be directed into Ontario’s roads and transit system.

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15 November 2017

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