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9 April 2013

Who is an average Canadian first-time home buyer?

We came across with very interesting findings presented by Bank of Montreal (BMO). According to recent poll, the average Canadian first-time home buyer is 29 years old consumer, planning to provide $48,000 down payment for a $300,000 house.

The survey also shows that price plans and expectations are different in various provinces. For example, citizens of Atlantic Canada expect to spend about $224,000 to buy their first home, and in British Columbia they plan to pay $454,000…

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8 April 2013

HST cancelation is great for home buyers. Is it possible in Ontario?

According to Sandra Wyant, a realtor with 20 years of experience, the return to the federal goods and services tax and provincial sales tax system is great news for house sellers and buyers.

“In the end, people will keep more money in their pockets,” –Wyant said.

The new president of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver says that buyers of new houses with price over $525,000 generally paid 12%of harmonized sales tax...

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5 April 2013

Worrisome news from the Job Market

Last month Canada has shown the worst employment results since the global recession. 54,500 workers lost their jobs – all in the important private full-time sector.

In March we saw the largest one-month decrease since February 2009. As a result, the Canadian unemployment rate rose by 0.2% to 7.2%...

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1 September 2015

BMO – 24% of Canadians can’t afford making emergency savings These days, Canadian consumers tend to save more for possible financial emergencies than...Read more >>

31 August 2015

RBC – housing affordability in Toronto and Vancouver gets poorer The latest report by RBC shows that growing home prices in Vancouver and Toronto ...Read more >>

28 August 2015

Fraser Institute – Canadians spend more on taxes than on food, clothes and home An average Canadian household tends to spend more on taxes than on ne...Read more >>
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