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9 July 2015

Rich Canadians increase their incomes

The richest people of Canada keep increasing their incomes, however, this time it’s not about lawyers or doctors. The latest report shows finance and business helped the top 1% earn more money.

According to the study by the Institute for Research on Public Policy, the income growth for the country’s top earners has been significantly outpacing the wage growth for all other Canadian categories during the previous 30 years.

7 July 2015

June 2015 - Toronto home prices reach a record high level

Last month, home sales in Toronto reached a record high level with an average real estate price rising to $639,184.

According to the latest report by Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), there were almost 12,000 homes sold in June 2015.

Real estate sales went up by 18.4% from June 2014, while the average sale price rose by 12.3%. Although prices showed increases in all sectors, the largest growth was reported in the sector of higher end homes.

6 July 2015

Central bank’s new report – Canadian regions show different business confidence levels

The latest data from the Bank of Canada shows there’s a significant divide in business confidence across different regions of the country, because oil prices drop affected some of them stronger than others.

The Bank of Canada’s summer business outlook says businesses on the Prairies predict lower sales during the next 12 months, as oil prices decline starts influencing many other sectors.

In the same time, the BoC notes the situation isn’t the same all over the country.

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17 July 2017

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14 July 2017

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