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30 October 2012

Finance Minister: “The impact of new mortgage rules hasn’t been felt yet”
Unlike most economists, the Finance Minister Jim Flaherybelieves it’s too early to discuss the influence of the new mortgage rules on the Canadian real estate market, even despite the recent activity decline.
“The deal is that the impact of new mortgage rules hasn’t been felt yet,”- he said in an interview.
The Deputy Finance Minister Michael Horganis also sure the slowing market isn’t the result of tighter mortgage rules, implemented in July.
“There are a lot of comments in press saying it’s all because of the new rules”, - he noted. “I believe it’s too early to make such statements.”

25 October 3012

Mortgage 101: Mortgage qualification

Your financial information, including your income and current debts, will be used by mortgage lenders to see exactly how much they can lend you. In order to determine it, they generally use two financial formulas:

  1. the gross debt service (GDS) ratio


  1. the total debt service (TDS) ratio.

Pay attention: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and 2 other insurance companies (Genworth and Canada Guarantee) havebasic guidelines of 32% of your gross income for the GDS ratio and 40% for the TDS ratio. And in case of an excellent credit score, Insurers and certain lenders may allow some exceptions on GDS (up to 39%) and TDS(up to 44%).

24 October 2012

Bank of Canada does not expect housing crash and will keep rates low
Today the Bank of Canada (BoC) governor Mark Carney said he is not as ready for raising rates as earlierthis year. Nevertheless, he made it absolutely clear that the next rate change will be an increase, and not a decrease.
The majority of economists expect rates to stay low till late 2013 or even early 2014.
“After a period of weak economic growth results, Canada is expected to return to full economic capacity by the end of 2013,”- the Bank’s quarterly Monetary Policy Report says.

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