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26 March 2014

Prudent mortgage underwriting and low mortgage rates will help Canadian housing market

One more economists expects the Canadian real estate market to show a moderate correction.

“Today there are two main predictions for Canada’s housing market. Some specialist believe there’s an overvalued bubble at the market and it’s going to burst soon. Others say the market is only slightly overheated and sound economic situation will cool it gently,” - Robin Wiebe, senior economist for The Conference Board of Canada said in his recent briefing. “We support the second scenario.”

25 March 2014

Is your mortgage broker authorized to deal in mortgages?

Should we expect a thin out among mortgage brokers and agents or specialists are just waiting till the last day?

According to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), only 56% of brokers submitted license renewal applications. In case of agents the number is even lower – only 46%. Meanwhile, the deadline is March 31.

21 March 2014

Higher inflation reduces the possibility of lower mortgage rates

According to the recent report by Statistics Canada, the inflation went up last month, and retail sales rose in January.

And though the annualized inflation rate fell from 1.5% in January to 1.1% in February, it was still higher than forecasts of 0.9%.

The Canadian dollar reacted with a small increase right after the report was released. The inflation growth weakened the pressure on the central bank to cut interest rates, as the Bank of Canada was extremely worried by low inflation rate.

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