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30 December 2015

Debt reduction remains the top financial goal for Canadian consumers

According to the recent survey by CIBC, paying down debts remains the main financial goal of Canadian consumers, however, many of them face significant difficulties with achieving it.

The poll says 26% of respondents consider debt reduction their main financial priority for the next year. It’s the sixth year in a row that this goal remains on the top of the list.

The second place with 18% of answers was taken by keeping up with bills/getting by.

29 December 2015

Less number of Canadian consumers believe in the real estate market

The latest telephone survey by Nanos Research shows that a wave of optimism around Canadian real estate went down to the lowest level in 3 years last week. As a result, the broad consumer confidence Index fell for a sixth consecutive week amid the recent decision of the new Liberal government to tighten mortgage rules in large cities.

According to the central bank, young households with large debts in Toronto and Vancouver pose a threat to the whole Canadian financial system, as they may be unable to meet their credit obligations in case of a serious economic shock. Earlier, Finance Minister Bill Morneau pointed to the same problem, when implementing stricter mortgage rules in order to cool down the hot real estate markets of Toronto and Vancouver.

28 December 2015

Stephen Poloz sums up 2015 results

Recently, the Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz released his summing up of the Canadian economy for 2015, noting it was one more year in the serial-disappointment series.

The Standard & Poor’s/TSX Composite Index went down by 11% since the beginning of 2015, reporting the weakest results among its Group of 10 peers, as oil prices decline by 35% affected stocks significantly. Only Greece and Singapore showed lower numbers among the world’s 24 developed countries.

Due to Canada’s status as one of the most expensive places to produce oil the country’s high-yield bonds also became the least popular among its competitors in 2015. According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, junk bonds fell by almost 12% as of December 18, showing the worst performance among Group of 10 countries.

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