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13 August 2014

CMHC new forecasts for 2014

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) this year we’ll see from 179,600 to 189,900 housing starts in Canada.

Next year CMHC expects housing starts to vary from 163,000 to 203,200 units. The average forecast is 183,100 units.

12 August 2014

CMHC releases data on condo investors

Real estate brokers and many other industry specialists have always wanted to know what share of condos in Canadian two largest markets are actually owned by investors. And recently this information was released.

“There’s a lack of information on condominium investment these days, so CMHC decided to gather new data on this segment’s activity in Toronto and Vancouver,” – said Bob Dugan, chief economist at CMHC’s Market Analysis Centre. “Although these results do not cover other markets or all types of investors, it still shows the profile and purchasing goals of condominium investors in Toronto and Vancouver.”

11 August 2014

Canadians' net worth keeps growing

The recent report by Environics Analytics shows that despite weak employment numbers, Canadians’ net worth still keeps rising.

According to the survey, the average net worth per Canadian family went up to $442,130 at the end of last year – it’s 7.7% higher than at the end of 2012.

Such a growth was mostly caused by increasing value of Canadian real estate and investments. As a result, the household debt was up by only 2.3%, while the consumer debt level remained unchanged.

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