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6 July 2017

Bundled mortgages may be banned in Canada

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) suggested banning certain bundled residential mortgages in order to reduce the amount of risky loans.

According to OSFI, Canada should prohibit co-lending arrangements, or bundled mortgages, which circumvent the regulations aimed at decreasing the risky lending.

OSFI says it is considering the direct ban of co-lending arrangements that are designed, or turn to be created for avoiding the official requirements. The regulator is waiting for a feedback not only from interested parties, but also from a wider public until August 17, 2017. The final regulations and the date of implementation will be released later this year.

5 July 2017

The number of foreign homebuyers in Ontario is falling

According to the recent provincial report, the share of home sales in the Greater Golden Horseshoe with non-residents of Canada involved reached only 4.7% during the first month since the implementation of a tax for foreign buyers in Ontario.

In the period from April 24 to May 26, there were about 18,282 home sales in the region made by foreign buyers.

In the same time, it remains unknown if it’s exactly the new 15% tax that affected the market. It’s the first data on this issue, so we have nothing to compare to the new numbers.

4 July 2017

British Columbia reveals data on foreign investment

The Government of British Columbia has shared its hew data on land transfer tax in the province, showing the current tendencies at the local housing market.

Last month, there were 14,824 total transactions made in the province, marking a sharp increase from April’s 9,773 sales. Moreover, it exceeds the five months average of 10,205 significantly.

In May, foreign purchases in British Columbia rose by 68% (from 259 to 436), while the average number of foreign transactions during the previous five months reached 332.

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