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11 January 2018

Household debt levels in Canada are not that terrifying

The current record high level of household debt in Canada caused speculations about a possible market bubble. However, one of the country’s largest commercial lenders says the situation is not so terrifying.

According to National Bank of Canada, the household debt ratios and the sharp prices increase in Canada are not so abnormal if we compare them with other members of Group of Seven. In fact, the Canadian economy is expanding at the fastest pace among all of them, and the employment growth is extremely strong.

Although real estate prices in Toronto and Vancouver rose sharply in recent years and Canada’s debt-to-disposable income ratio reached its record high level, the numbers don’t look so abnormal when compared with other cities, e.g. London or Hong Kong, where prices and ratios are even higher, National Bank economists Stéfane Marion and Matthieu Arseneau noted in a new report.

10 January 2018

Condos push Canada’s building sector to its activity peak

The previous year was one of the strongest for the Canadian housing developers as we saw the largest number of starts in ten years on the wave of a growing demand.

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., there were 219,675 construction starts in 2017, rising from 197,916 in 2016 and marking the largest number since 2007. The starts of multiple-unit projects, e.g. condominiums, reached a record high level since 1955.

Such a strong activity was quite unexpected for policy makers and analysts, who predicted a weak year for this sector. The real numbers reflect such fundamental drivers as a robust economy and growing population.

9 January 2018

A rate increase next week isn't a done deal

Although all Canadian largest banks expect a rate increase next week, in case the Bank of Canada decides to keep the rate unchanged, there could be several reasons for that, including modest inflation and uncertainties around NAFTA negotiations.

On Monday, Bank of Montreal was the last big bank which changed its forecast towards a rate increase.

“The chances are quite strong, although I don’t think it’s a sure thing,” - noted Doug Porter, BMO’s chief economist.

There are a few reasons why the central bank’s Governor Stephen Poloz may take a pause on January 17.

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