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3 November 2017

Canada created 35,300 new jobs in October with full-time positions leading

Last month, Canada created 35,300 new jobs with a strong increase in the sector of full-time positions, which was partially offset by the drop in part-time jobs.

According to Statistics Canada, there were 88,700 full-time jobs added in October, but the economy lost 53,400 part-time positions.

Such a high number followed strong September results when 112,000 jobs were added. As a result, the total of two months hit a new record, says Bank of Montreal economist Doug Porter.

"Following quite weak summer data, October's sharp increase shows the economy still can provide a necessary gain," – he noted.

2 November 2017

October 2017 – Toronto home sales are rising

Last month, real estate sales in Toronto went up by 12% from September, showing that the market is rebounding from the previous decline, caused by the new rules for cooling the local activity.

According to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), there were 7,118 homes sold in October, which is higher than in September, but still by 27% lower than a year ago.

"As a rule, we see sales increases during this period every year. Nevertheless, this time the hike is more significant, than during the previous 10 years,'' – noted TREB’s president Tim Syrianos.

"Although sales were lower than a year ago, this change still proves that the pace is going up.''

1 Novenmer 2017

Foreign homebuyers are returning to Vancouver real estate market

The latest data from the government shows that foreign buyers are already coming back to the Vancouver real estate market. It’s been more than a year since British Columbia introduced a new tax for foreign homebuyers.

In September, the number of foreign buyers at Vancouver housing market reached 5%, while in August 2016, it was only 0.9%. It was the month when the new 15% tax was implemented as a reaction to a large flow of the foreign money rushing into the local hot real estate market.

In case of the Richmond’s suburb, where the largest number of immigrants in Canada live, this category of purchasers went up to 10.8% in September. Meanwhile, the nearby Burnaby reported 9.6%.

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